Strong Truths

I like teachers.

I like them because they stand a post.

It is not difficult these days to find an educational pundit, someone with myriad solutions to dubious problems, garnered from a lifetime of barely understanding what is actually going on. I prefer the practitioner.

So when Dr. Mark Lewis and Melissa Mulieri invited me to speak to Loyola’s Elementary Education Capstone class on the topic of Montessori Education, I jumped at the chance to share the story of Dr. Montessori’s life and work.

The conversation did not disappoint. The questions from the group were topical and profound. In a group of teachers I feel at home – because the conversation always flows to what is developmentally appropriate for students and the higher purpose we strive for as Educators.

It reminded me of two moments.

The first was at McGill University in Montreal on the first day of my own education capstone class. One of the professors told us, “soon you will join the ranks of teachers, and in so doing you will call amongst your colleagues some of the finest people in the world.” I remember few direct quotes from my University studies, but that one has stuck.

The second was at the Toronto Montessori Institute where I was welcomed into a new community of educators and invited to share in a journey of rediscovering the child. It’s a quest of which I am still in pursuit.

So thank you, Dr. Lewis, Ms. Mulieri, and students. I wish you every success in your careers.

The future is in good hands.







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