#CapstoneConnections – Kelsey Catalo

This month we hear from Ms. Kelsey Catalo, who is both a Montessori Director and teacher down in the southwest. Kelsey graduated from Loyola in Fall of 2016.

Where are you working now?

I am currently working at Cave Creek Montessori in Cave Creek, Arizona. My parents founded Cave Creek Montessori in August of 1998. Prior to my parents opening their school, my mother had taught Montessori for 25 years and earned her AMI certification. As of 2014, my parents have promoted my sister and I to the position of Directors. In the afternoons, I am teaching in an AMI Montessori classroom that consists of four, five and six year olds. 2017 marks my very first year teaching and I have developed a passion for making a difference with the small group of children with whom I work; a passion that was left undiscovered until now.

What was your favorite part about the Loyola experience? Did you find the Summer Session challenging or rewarding?

Where do I begin?! Do I have to choose only one part?! The students, the teachers, the campus, the city and the education I received from Loyola University were a few of my favorite things! I was inspired to become a Montessori teacher after completing the summer course; something I never thought I would actually build up enough confidence to do! I would say that while the course was very rigorous and fast paced, it was hands-down one of the most rewarding experiences of my life! I was granted the opportunity to learn so much from other Montessori teachers, where they came from and how they ended up on their current paths in life as ambassadors of education. All of my teachers and fellow peers inspired me to always create, learn and travel. My teachers always encouraged me to ‘think outside the box’ and to push my limits.

The campus and the city were two equally amazing parts of the program. Exploring Baltimore as a regular local for a month was an experience in itself! I had so much fun being able to travel to places like Washington D.C. over Fourth of July weekend with a few other Loyola students, seeing the Baltimore Aquarium, walking to the local campus coffee shops or taking an Uber to a nearby cafe. All of these people, places and occurrences made my experience at Loyola University a beautiful memory to last a lifetime.  I left Loyola with my M.Ed., but I know I came out of the program an overall more well-rounded person.

How does the M.Ed. help with your career goals?

Receiving my M.Ed from Loyola has made a great impact on myself as a teacher, a Director, and overall, as a person. As a Director, I feel one hundred times more confident in my all of my abilities and knowing that my parents’ legacy can live on through the positive impact I make on their school. As a teacher, I have gained knowledge not only about the Montessori education, but research and statistics relating to Montessori, the public school system and special education classes. Through earning my M.Ed., I have become so much more confident, patient, knowledgeable and ambitious. Overall, I can honestly say with utmost pride that I am on a successful path towards my career goals and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Our favorite insight: “I left Loyola with my M.Ed., but I know I came out of the program an overall more well-rounded person.”


Loyola University Maryland ~ “Strong Truths Well Lived”


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